Published in 2012 by UNO Press as part of their Contemporary Poetry Series, Makebelieve is a multi-genre & mixed media archive of memory, tall tales, & poetic collage. As with a treasure chest, one must sift through this work and the ephemera it collects, in order to transcribe the aggregated stories of its contents — the landscapes are real & imagined, past & present, finite & infinite. Part historical fiction, part diaristic exposé, & part philosophical love affair, Makebelieve is less categorically a book and more simply a rhythm that speaks to the underlying and insatiable state of human desire.


Steven Engelhart / Adirondack Architectural Heritage
Arto Monaco Historical Society
Wells Memorial Library
Arto Monaco Estate
Jan Bosland (family archive)
Kathleen Whaley (family archive)
Stephen & Linda Agus (family archive)
Read Langworthy
Hannah Edwards
Caitlin Scholl
Erika Edgley
James Amos
Jesse Juriga


Caitlin Scholl
Albert F. Dingley
Brittany Schult
Caitlin M. Legere
Graham Hawthorne
Joey Carey
Justin Allen
Simon Thomas-Train
Lindsay McConnell
Mark Cannariato
Youkee Nishida
Diane Scholl

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